Autel Evo – Am I Excited?

DJI definitely deserves competition in the drone space. Many would-be competitors including GoPro have stepped up to bat but have unfortunately failed to compete with DJI. Will Autel become DJI's first true competition? If so, will it expedite DJI's unveiling of the Mavic Pro 2?

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Parrot ANAFI Initial Impressions

The Parrot ANAFI is Parrot's latest drone. ANAFI features 4K camera, gimbal and can even be recharged via USB-C! Could Parrot ANAFI be DJI's first true competition? Time will tell but Parrot ANAFI certainly has impressive specs! #ANAFI #Parrot Available on - Parrot Anafi Drone - Ultra Compact Flying 4K HDR Camera, Dark Grey

How to Overcome the Fear of Flying Drones

Many people have asked me, "how do I overcome the fear of flying drones?" Although the drone hobby has been in existence for a while now, drones are still not cheap. Capturing the "cool shots" with a drone often requires a certain degree of risk. Whenever I fly I drone over water, I'm always 100%

DJI Mavic Air Opinions After Many Months Using

Follow-up opinions after several months for the DJI Mavic Air.