38 Million Video Views – THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for 38 million YouTube video views! I appreciate your subscriptions, likes and sharing with others! I'm an independent channel, so everyone that you share my channel with helps me to continue to grow! Stay tuned for 100 million video views and beyond! #YouTube #38M

Should I Buy iPhone X?

Should I buy iPhone X? iPhone X or iPhone 10 is the latest iPhone from Apple and it's the first iPhone in a while with a radical redesign and significantly new features. With that said, is iPhone X worth the upgrade? Does the removal of the iPhone's home button, an improved camera, facial recognition, wireless

Apple CarPlay Must-Have Apps

These are must-have Apple CarPlay apps! Like most any new technology, the number of available apps should increase over time. With that said, there are an abundance of super awesome Apple CarPlay apps available now! Apple CarPlay is the best vehicle infotainment solution to date in my opinion! #AppleCarPlay

DJI 10/11/17 Launch Event Expectations

The next DJI Launch Event is 10/11/2017.  What do I expected from the October 11, 2017 DJI Launch Event?  I expect a new drone with a modular camera option that will do 4K60 or better, via a one-inch sensor.  I expect no tap-to-focus requirement.  I expect a modular camera option.  Additional features could include a

GoPro HERO6 Black Available Now!

The GoPro HERO6 Black is now available! It is the first GoPro to bring 4K60 to the playing field! This new feature will be HUGE for me, since I re-time an abundance of my GoPro videos! The extra frames-per-second makes re-timed videos look better! Available on Amazon.com - GoPro HERO6 Black Available on Amazon.com -

iOS 11 & WatchOS 4 Initial Impressions

Apple released iOS 11 and WatchOS 4 yesterday. Both are major updates but which useful new features do they bring to the table? iOS 11 changes the look cosmetically throughout and adds an improved control panel, Mail program, Photos application and a lot more subtle updates. WatchOS 4 is more significant for me! It adds

iPhone X & Apple Watch 3 Thoughts

Today's Apple Launch event was exciting and concurrently disappointing. The iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K were all unveiled. Although the new Steve Jobs Theatre was an awesome venue, the products themselves lacked the "wow-factor" that I was expecting. For starters, the iPhone 8 and iPhone

Apple Watch 3 with Solar Panel?

I never purchased the first Apple Watch because it lacked water resistance and didn't have a built-in GPS. The Apple Watch 2 was my first Apple Watch, due to those features. It has left me wanting more though. The battery life should be multi-day. Having to stop and recharge the Apple Watch is inconvenient. Will