iOS 11 & WatchOS 4 Initial Impressions

Apple released iOS 11 and WatchOS 4 yesterday. Both are major updates but which useful new features do they bring to the table? iOS 11 changes the look cosmetically throughout and adds an improved control panel, Mail program, Photos application and a lot more subtle updates. WatchOS 4 is more significant for me! It adds

Testing WatchOS 4 LIVE

Apple WatchOS 4 was released 9/19/2017. It brought a lot of new features to the Apple Watch. I updated my Apple Watch Series 2 to WatchOS 4 yesterday and this was my first time in the field with WatchOS 4. It has a slight graphical change but the main thing that has excited me is

Sony FDR-AX700 Thoughts

The Sony FDR-AX700 just released but is it worth upgrading to from the FDR-AX100? The biggest disappointment for me was that the FDR-AX700 tops out at 4K 30FPS. If it had offered 4K at 60FPS, I would have considered upgrading. If I didn't already own the AX100, I may go with the AX700 because of

Comfast Setup HOW-TO

This is how to setup the Comfast WiFi extender. The initial setup was slightly confusing but the performance has been excellent! I now no longer have WiFi dead spots. Within this video, I explain how I configured the Comfast to extend my WiFi coverage. Available on - AC750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender, MECO

IrixGuy’s LIVE Show – Episode 42

Welcome to another episode of IrixGuy's Live Show!  All previously-recorded episodes can be watched and shared here.  Please be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel, to watch and comment LIVE!

iPhone X & Apple Watch 3 Thoughts

Today's Apple Launch event was exciting and concurrently disappointing. The iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K were all unveiled. Although the new Steve Jobs Theatre was an awesome venue, the products themselves lacked the "wow-factor" that I was expecting. For starters, the iPhone 8 and iPhone