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IrixGuy's Social Media Consulting Services -

I’m proud to announce my social media consulting services!  My social media consulting sessions are provided virtually via a scheduled Skype or Google Hangouts video session.  My pricing is very affordable, as I provide these services out of personal passion and not financial greed. Each session is unique, so please feel free to contact me and I’ll happily provide a price quote.  Payment is delivered via PayPal when the video session concludes and if you are dissatisfied with the knowledge shared, simply write me an e-mail explaining why and pay nothing. Want multiple sessions? No problem! I love repeat customers =)  100% customer satisfaction is my goal.

Each session is unique and is personally-tailored to exceed your expectations but below are some topics that have been frequently discussed:

  • How to get started with social media
  • How to initially setup each social media tool and customize the look and feel to match your identity
  • Which tools to embrace to maximize your social media exposure
  • Blending “fun” with “value” to engage an audience
  • Determining your personal goal(s) up-front and deciphering how to exceed that goal via social media
  • Equipment required to create a professional social media presence and where to purchase it
  • How to “future-proof” your social media presence
  • How to organically increase social media subscriber/follower growth
  • How to create effective video thumbnails
  • Which topics to avoid communicating via social media
  • How to turn Internet “trolls” into a positive asset
  • How to most effectively engage your audience
  • How to use the paid social media promotion services offered by Google and Facebook
  • How to build an affordable Chroma Key (“green screen”) set
  • Final Cut Pro X video editing tutorials
  • Branding
  • Using “give-aways” to grow and audience and promote viewer engagement
  • How to use meta tags and write effective descriptions
  • How to utilize analytics to determine “what works” and “what does not work”
  • How to set personal milestones to make managing social media feel like a game
  • Best practices for delegating social media tasks
  • How to monetize online content
  • How to utilize a call-for-action and annotations to drive subscriber growth
  • Best sources for royalty-free music, images and video
  • How to “LOOK BIG” on a budget by utilizing social media
  • How to drive a virtual fan base to a physical brick-and-mortar business
  • Most user-friendly tools for creating a DIY social media friendly website
  • The value of social media cross-promotion and collaboration
  • Proven techniques for social media self-promotion
  • How to brand one’s self as a celebrity via social media
  • MUCH, MUCH, MORE….please e-mail me and let me tailor a custom social media training session(s) for you =)