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IrixGuy’s Live Show – Episode 23

IrixGuy’s Live Show – Episode 23

IrixGuy’s Live Show is for you, so please tune in LIVE with your questions, comments and share with others too! Any topic from drones to computers to video editing and travel is fair game. My only ask is that all…

Who Is IrixGuy?

I created IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel ( as an experiment. As an early adopter of Internet video, my goal was to become one of tomorrow’s “big media players” on a “Ramen noodle budget.” I’m not there yet but I have experienced noticeable growth.

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I adhere firmly to the following requirements that I put into effect for myself on day-one:

  • Always treat IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel like a business
  • Deliver fresh video content on a daily basis
  • Interact with the audience
  • Promote videos via the top social media networks
  • Avoid joining a YouTube multi-channel network
  • Follow what’s trending to promote subscriber growth and video views
  • NEVER lose interest

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This formula has continued to work well and has led to the creation of I created as a means to add even more value to the videos featured within IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel ( Logo

Due to my personal obsession with drones, I created to help to continue to promote the freedoms of responsible drone owners.

Need to buy a drone and/or learn more about drones? Visit It’s my latest drone-only pursuit! Logo -

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My best advice for everyone is to never abandon a business opportunity that many may laugh at. Become a community leader, master the business and monetize the knowledge acquired throughout the journey.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN while continuing to grow =)

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Welcome to IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel! We’re the hub for everything exciting! We’re the hub for everything relaxing! We’re the hub for “goodness” in general! Please follow us on all social media. Our social media links can be found at the top of this page. Also be sure to subscribe to the IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel newsletter by clicking here.   Want to buy the same drone that Captain IrixGuy flies?  You can purchase it here on! Logo -

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