Epic Drone Show – Episode 32

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DJI Spark Flight Over Lake

The DJI Spark is the smallest drone that DJI has released to date. I'll post DJI Spark unboxing, field test, review and how-to videos here as soon as I receive mine. You can order the DJI Spark here. Aside from tiny travel size and weight, DJI Spark sports a gimbal stabilized 1080P camera (too bad there

Is the DJI Phantom Being Discontinued?

The DJI Phantom has been and has remained the best drone platform on the market. With DJI's recent push to pursue lighter and smaller drones, what does that mean for the DJI Phantom platform going forward? Will the DJI Phantom be discontinued? These are my thoughts regarding the future of the DJI Phantom. Enjoy and

CES 2017 Autel Robotics Drone Thoughts

Autel Robotics announced a new drone during CES 2017 and it looks SUPER IMPRESSIVE! I hope to get my hands on one soon! Notable specifications include a modular camera (thermal, 4K one-inch sensor and 360 cameras already mentioned), retractable landing gear and an overall slick-looking design. Will it be able to de-throne the DJI Phantom?