IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

Who Is IrixGuy?

I created IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel ( as an experiment. As an early adopter of Internet video, my goal was to become one of tomorrow’s “big media players” on a “Ramen noodle budget.” I’m not there yet but I have experienced noticeable growth.

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I adhere firmly to the following requirements that I put into effect for myself on day-one:

  • Always treat IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel like a business
  • Deliver fresh video content on a daily basis
  • Interact with the audience
  • Promote videos via the top social media networks
  • Avoid joining a YouTube multi-channel network
  • Follow what’s trending to promote subscriber growth and video views
  • NEVER lose interest

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This formula has continued to work well and has led to the creation of I created as a means to add even more value to the videos featured within IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel ( Logo

Due to my personal obsession with drones, I created to help to continue to promote the freedoms of responsible drone owners.

Need to buy a drone and/or learn more about drones? Visit It’s my latest drone-only pursuit! Logo -

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My best advice for everyone is to never abandon a business opportunity that many may laugh at. Become a community leader, master the business and monetize the knowledge acquired throughout the journey.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN while continuing to grow =)

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