The ATEM Mini Pro is a game-changer for YouTube Live streaming! With my previous live-streaming solution, I was only able to achieve 720P. With ATEM Mini Pro, I am able to achieve 1080P 60FPS! This is an incredible device and when using in conjunction with SmartTV, monitoring live stream health, audio levels and all cameras is easily doable. What makes ATEM Mini Pro so awesome is that it can function as a stand-alone live-streaming device, if connected to the Internet via a network cable. To makes things better, it can do live Chroma Key (“green screen”). Also, ATEM Mini Pro can be connected to a computer via a USB cable, to function as a webcam. I use it in conjunction with a Sony a7riv and Apple TV. I use the camera for professional video and the able TV for videos that appear as green screen backdrops. Being able to install the ATEM Mini software and control via other computers on the network is excellent! I could continue to ramble but just check out all of my ATEM Mini Pro videos to see it in action. This is such an incredible device for the money. It’s like a miniature control room at a large television network! #ATEMMiniPro