Emergency call function: malfunction! Function unavailable. Please contact Service

If you’ve encountered the Audi SOS error, what was the fix? I just encountered the Audi SOS error on my 2020 Audi A4 and am not thrilled. I pressed the volume button on the steering wheel for many seconds but that did not resolve the issue. I also held the “SOS” button for about a minute but that did not resolve the issue either. The Audi SOS error comes and goes. Unfortunately, it makes an annoying alarm sound whenever it reappears. Also, when I call people via my car’s bluetooth, I can hear the person that I’m speaking with but they cannot hear me. Also, the Audi App no longer functions. I’m unable to view vehicle status, vehicle location or unlock the doors via the app. This is very frustrating and I purchased the base model Audi intentionally to avoid all of the electronic gadgets that could break. #Audi #SOS