Boat Winterization HOW-TO – Cosmetic Steps

Always use a licensed mechanic, when winterizing a boat. Within this video, I explain the non-mechanical steps that I perform for winterizing a boat. Performing these steps has helped to keep my boat “looking new,” season-to-season. Expect to devote an entire day to cleaning the boat. My recommendation would be to let a licensed mechanic perform the winterization first. That way if they make a mess in the boat or the boat gets dirty in the mechanic’s parking lot, the cleaning job doesn’t have to be performed twice. Also choose a few consecutive days of good weather. The boat should be allowed to dry thoroughly, before dry storage. Many people simply let a mechanic winterize their boat and neglect to perform the cleaning and drying steps of the winterization, that may prolong the cosmetic aspects of the boat. I thoroughly clean the hull of my boat, as well as the interior of my boat. I become saddened when I see a dirty and neglected boat. Boat can retain that “new look,” with proper and thorough care! I’ve listed items below that I use to clean my boat. The boat wash is something that I use after every trip to the lake. The hull cleaner is something that I use every few weeks and during the end-of-season cosmetic winterization. The deck brush is great for non-carpeted boat interior. The other brush is perfect for cleaning the boat hull. The vinyl cleaner is obviously for cleaning the boat seats.

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