DJI Inspire 1 Field Test

The Inspire 1 is either loved or hated. I’m DJI Phantom fan and have owned Phantom 1 through Phantom 3 Professional. I love the smaller size and weight of the DJI Phantom series. Although the Inspire 1 seems to be a very well-made drone, it is extremely bulky, heavy and inconvenient to travel with. The only way that I could personally justify using an Inspire instead of a Phantom is if I had a film crew to lug it too and from the field for me. With the Phantom, I can easily carry a case containing the Phantom, extra batteries and all accessories plug another camera bag in my other hand. The Inspire 1 is SO BIG that it’s pretty much all that one can carry. Not to mention for extended hikes, it would be next to impossible to lug around. Looking at 4K video from Inspire 1 and 4K video from Phantom 3, I could not justify using the Inspire 1 instead of the Phantom 3 Professional. Even if the Inspire 1 cost less than the Phantom 3 Pro, I would still use the Phantom 3 Pro. DJI is a very innovative company but my opinion is that they either abandon the Inspire platform and focus upon the Phantom or the shrink the Inspire to a size as small or smaller than the Phantom. It just doesn’t make sense to have to lug around so much additional weight. Build a Phantom 4 with retractable landing gear. Problem solved!

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