DJI Phantom 3 Lens Filter Suggestions

Whether one realizes it or not, the DJI Phantom 3 camera ships with a lens filter attached.  It’s hard to notice because it’s the same color as the camera itself.  Some people including myself have had difficulties removing the factory DJI Phantom 3 lens filter.  To assist, I placed a rubber band between my fingers and the Phantom 3’s lens filter to enhance grip.  After it screwed off the first time, it was easy for me to screw it and other filters on/off effortlessly going forward.  For this reason, I encourage you to make sure that your Phantom 3’s lens filter will screw off, prior to purchasing lens filters for your Phantom 3.  Check out the Rage Cams Phantom 3 filters below, if you are looking for a slip-on Phantom 3 lens filter option (they slide over the factory Phantom 3 lens filter).  Otherwise, you can want to consider the other Phantom 3 lens filters listed below.  I’ve achieved outstanding results from both filter types.  A variety of Phantom 3 lens filters can provide value but from my experience, if I could only own ONE Phantom 3 lens filter it would be a Phantom 3 ND4 filter.  Why?  The ND4 makes the video look “smoother” in my opinion and doesn’t darken the image as much as an ND8.  A polarizer works well but since I can adjust saturation levels within post, I prefer the “smoothing effect” that the ND4 on the Phantom 3 provides and then I simply adjust saturation levels within post-production if needed.

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