Do you pre-bake your ribs? Many barbecue purists would frown upon the idea but this is why I always pre-bake my ribs, when I’m not cooking competitively. For starters, my ribs are able to marinate in the refrigerate overnight. When topped with soda, chopped onion, chopped garlic, sea salt and pepper, the flavors really penetrate the ribs! When pre-baked, the steam helps to tenderize the ribs and the aromatics from the marinade deeply penetrate the meat! I finish my ribs on the grill over hickory. This adds hickory smoke flavor and the grill adds a firmness to the meat. Since the ribs were pre-baked, it creates a tender firmness. The rib meat is fall-ff-the-bone perfect! How do you cook your ribs? #Ribs #ChefIrixGuy

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