This is how to choose the best watch size for your wrist. Like a suit, choosing a watch that fits your wrist is super important. I have a 7.5″ wrist and within this video I demonstrate how different-sized watches look on my wrist. A watch that looks “too big” on one person’s wrist may look “perfect” on another person’s wrist. Some people may also prefer a small and discrete watch, while others may prefer a large and commanding watch. Trends are constantly changing but today 40mm is likely the most perfect watch size for most men. About twenty years ago, 36mm would have likely been the most popular watch size for most men. Taking my 7.5″ wrist and personal preference into account, I find any watch smaller than 38mm to be too small for my wrist. 39mm – 42mm is the “sweet spot” for me but I also wear a 44mm and 48mm watch on occasion. I consider anything larger than 44mm to be “too big” for me and my 48mm Breitling Super Avenger is the only exception. The non-flat caseback and and overall ergonomics make it easily wearable, despite its enormous size. #Watch
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