This is how to make a bacon and tomato sandwich. Making the perfect bacon and tomato sandwich starts with fresh tomatoes. Also, I strongly encourage using thick-cut bacon, as think bacon lacks the meatiness and texture. First, I peel a fresh tomato and then slice it. Next, I add butter or margarine to a skillet and set the temperature to a little below medium heat (This may vary by stovetop. The secret is to cook the bacon slowly, so that it doesn’t produce smoke and burn.). Using coated tongs, I flip the bacon periodically to cook evenly. Once the bacon starts to become crispy and brown, I flip the bacon more frequently. Please remember that bacon cuts very quickly during the finishing stage and failure to remove promptly may result in bacon with a burnt taste. After removing the bacon, dab with a paper towel if desired and then break the bacon strips into shorter strips. Place on white bread and then add mayonnaise, tomatoes, sea salt and fresh-ground black pepper. Be sure to use sea salt and fresh-ground pepper because standard table salt and table pepper is not the same. If desired, all lettuce to make it a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich (“BLT”). #Bacon #Tomato #Sandwich