The DJI Phantom 4 is the latest drone from DJI at the time of posting this. The DJI Phantom platform is arguably the best drone platform on the market today. It’s definitely my favorite drone platform and the technology continues to become even more refined. I love the DJI Phantom 4. It’s the best drone on the market today IMO. With that said, should the DJI Phantom 4 upgrade be considered by people that already own the Phantom 3 Pro. My answer is a firm “no.” Although the Phantom 4 provides enhanced battery life, an overall more heavy-duty build quality, improved gimbal design, improved propeller on/off, obstacle avoidance and overall better flight dynamics, the camera still tops out at 4K 30FPS….same as Phantom 3 Pro. I fly line-of-sight to be safe, so the obstacle avoidance feature is of no use for me. The Phantom 4 Active Track is neat but so far it hasn’t proven to be reliable enough for me to want to use consistently. The enhanced flight speed is of no value for me, as I have no intent to race other Phantom drones. My best advice is to buy the Phantom 4 is you don’t already own a Phantom 3 Pro. Phantom 4 is no doubt the best drone on the market today IMO.