Osmo Pocket Review After Several Days Using

The Osmo Pocket is first-in-breed. It features mechanically-stabilized video via a gimbal and an optional waterproof housing enables it to function underwater. I’ve been a long-time GoPro user since GoPro HERO2 but Osmo Pocket can be a game-changer! Osmo Pocket is small, lightweight and can record up to 4K60 video! It has an integrated screen and can be used standalone. Optionally, it can be attached to a smartphone for a full-fledged app interface. Unlike most GoPro cameras, Osmo Pocket does not feature an interchangeable battery but the battery life is amazing and carrying a battery bank to top it off if needed is simple. I look forward to playing with an abundance of Osmo Pocket mounts and accessories, when they release!

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