Papa Murphy’s is doing things EXCEPTIONALLY WELL, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have self-quarantined but an occasional visit to Papa Murphy’s for a pizza seems to pose minimal risk. I ordered and paid for my Papa Murphy’s pizza via the Papa Murphy’s app, waited until the “ready” time to arrive and collect. Papa Murphy’s had their door propped opened, so I didn’t have to waste a Clorox wipe to open the door. When I arrived at home with the pizza, I removed the plastic wrap and then inserted into my oven that was already pre-heated. I then thoroughly wiped all door knobs, oven handle, timer button and then disposed of the pizza’s plastic wrap. I thoroughly washed my hands while the pizza cooked and then enjoyed the hopefully sanitized pizza! While Coronavirus is present, I refuse to order any other types of carry-out foods. Since Papa Murphy’s pizza is baked at home, I feel that it may minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19. Great job Papa Murphy’s and PLEASE KEEP THAT DOOR PROPPED OPEN! #PapaMurphys