DJI Mavic Air Dodging Trees & Water LIKE A BOSS

Flying in challenging and tight locations is one of my favorite things to enjoy with the DJI Mavic Air. Celebrates First 100,000 Views

Thanks everyone for depending upon for all of your drone and drone accessory needs. has just achieved a new mini-milestone of 100,000 views.  This is a small number but it signals growth for  Please share with others and be sure to depend upon for all of your drone and drone

Phantom 3 FPV Fix Tutorial

One of my favorite Phantom 3 features is 720P HD first-person view ("FPV"). It's crystal-clear and makes lining up the perfect shot with the Phantom 3 camera more easily doable. Unfortunately several people have encountered issues with DJI Phantom 3 FPV. The good news is that it should be easy to fix Phantom 3 FPV!

DJI Phantom 3 Return Home Test

This is a demonstration of the DJI Phantom 3 return home functionality. My DJI Phantom 3 Professional returned to home without incident! I obviously read and thoroughly understood my Phantom 3 owner's manual pre-flight and also ensured that my drone was properly calibrated and that the proper home point was recognized. In most scenarios, landing

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