How to Cook Extremely Spicy Ghost Pepper Wings

This is how to cook extremely spicy ghost pepper wings. If you crave extremely spicy food, ghost pepper is a great balance of flavor and spice. I hope that you enjoy this video and please subscribe and check out my other cooking videos too! #Wings #ChefIrixGuy #GhostPepper

Air Fry with IrixGuy – How to Air Fry Chicken Wings

This is how I air fry chicken wings. I've included links to the air fryer and all ingredients that I use below. Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel on YouTube and enjoy all of my air fryer recipe videos!

Buffalo Chicken Wings – Simple Preparation

This is how to cook buffalo chicken wings. Buffalo chicken wings are a great party food or meal in general. This is how I cook buffalo chicken wings to maximize tenderness and flavor. I feel that it's a very simple buffalo chicken wing preparation and it has never disappointed my guests! #BuffaloChickenWings #Cooking

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