DIY Affordable Shower Upgrade

A shower upgrade doesn't have to be expensive and it can also be a DIY project. The reality is that most showers contain an old and/or underwhelming shower head. By replacing the single shower head with a better primary shower head and secondary detachable shower head with selector switch, the shower becomes a completely different

How to Repair a Garbage Disposal

This is how to repair a Whirlaway garbage disposal.  While disposing of food, my garbage disposal seized up.  It made an audible sound but the blades were not spinning.  I powered it on and off using the power switch but it continued to make the same sound.  I then unplugged the garbage disposal's power plug

How to Unclog a Shower Drain

A clogged shower drain or slow shower drain is more than an inconvenience. It could be a safety hazard if someone passed out while in the shower. Within this video, I explain how to unclog a shower drain. Without having to pay the expensive fee for a plumber, I was able to use this plastic

How To Remove a Water Restrictor from a Showerhead

This is how to remove a water flow restrictor from a showerhead. All showerheads are different but most have a water flow restrictor that is similar. Within this video, I'm removing a water flow restrictor from a Delta showerhead. Before removing the water restrictor, I barely had enough water pressure in my shower to feel

Is a DIY Shower Upgrade Worth It?

Have you considered upgrading your old fiberglass shower stall to a hand-laid tile shower? A tile shower can radically improve the appearance of a bathroom and may help with future resale value too! Is installing a tile shower a simple DIY project? The short answer is, "probably not!" Depending upon the size of the tile,

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Why a Shower Has Low Water Pressure

Does your shower have low water pressure? Does your shower not leave you feeling clean? This is why many showers have low water pressure and the solution may be simpler than one might think! Regulations may vary among countries but often low water pressure is the result of a device that is integrated within the

DIY Ghost Pepper & Carolina Reaper Chips CHEAP

If you're like me, you love spicy potato chips but they're hard to find. The super spicy potato chips that can be found typically carry a "gourmet" premium. This is how to make your own spicy potato chips on the cheap! The secret is using the Ghost Pepper & Carolina Reaper seasoning like I use.

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