Autel Evo – Am I Excited?

DJI definitely deserves competition in the drone space. Many would-be competitors including GoPro have stepped up to bat but have unfortunately failed to compete with DJI. Will Autel become DJI's first true competition? If so, will it expedite DJI's unveiling of the Mavic Pro 2?

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DJI Mavic Air Opinions After Many Months Using

Follow-up opinions after several months for the DJI Mavic Air.

DJI Mavic Air First Flight

This was my first time flying the DJI Mavic Air. I have been super impressed with it so far!

DJI Mavic Pro vs. DJI Phantom 4 Pro Size Comparison

Christmas 2016 is right around the corner. What is the best drone to buy for Christmas? Drones have been around for several years now and are an excellent hobby! With drones, newer doesn't always mean better. Within this blog post, I will showcase drones at various price points. The DJI Phantom drone platform is arguably

DJI Mavic Pro Shipping Delay Speculation

The DJI Mavic Pro signals the future of drones! It features a 4K camera and folds up for a very manageable travel size and travel weight. Due to the awesome features that the DJI Mavic Pro brings to the table, it is inevitably in high demand. Why is the DJI Mavic Pro shipping so slowly?

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