GoPro HERO9 Black Monopod That I Use

This is the monopod that I use for the GoPro HERO9 Black. Unlike smaller and more collapsible monopods, this monopod does not seem to exhibit visual flex that can make videos look wonky. I've also swam with this monopod many times in saltwater and it hasn't rusted through yet. The grip and wrist strap

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How to Edit GoPro HERO9 Black 5K30 Video

This is how to edit 5K30 GoPro HERO9 Black video. The secret is to record the video as 5K30 to the GoPro and then edit as 4K30. This enables the GoPro HERO9 Black to capture the best video quality possible and then editing in 4K30 enables the video to be usable for a variety

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Backpack Strap Mount for GoPro HERO9 Black

This backpack strap mount for the GoPro HERO9 Black is excellent! It will work for many other GoPro camera models too! If your hiking, backpacking, etc. and want a hands-free GoPro camera mounting option, this is great! #GoPro #HERO9Black Available on - Sametop Backpack Strap Mount Quick Clip Mount Compatible with Gopro Hero 8,

GoPro HERO 9 Black – How to Download Videos to Computer

This is how to download GoPro HERO9 Black videos to a computer using a USB-C cable. I use this procedure to import videos from my GoPro HERO9 Black into Final Cut Pro X. #GoPro #HERO9Black

GoPro HERO4 Black 4K30 Hypersmooth with Monopod Hiking

The GoPro HERO9 Black is an exceptional action camera! Without a gimbal, I was able to achieve this incredible 4K footage while hiking! #GoPro #HERO9Black

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How to Open GoPro HERO9 Black

This is how to open the GoPro HERO9 Black and how to close the GoPro HERO9 Black. The GoPro HERO9 Black must be opened to insert the microSD card, battery and to charge the GoPro HERO9 Black camera. If you've never used a GoPro camera before or have only used older model GoPro camera,

GoPro HERO9 Black Initial Impressions

My GoPro HERO9 Black initial impressions are highly positive. I've been using GoPro HERO cameras since GoPro HERO2 and it's incredible how GoPro camera technology has continued to evolve! The forward-facing screen on the GoPro HERO9 Black is a major improvement! Being able to fold up the GoPro HERO9 Black mounting bracket while not in

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GoPro Cameras & Accessories

If you've stumbled upon this page, then you'll likely been referred by IrixGuy or one of his followers. Below are the latest GoPro cameras, mounts and accessories. If there is something that you are looking for but don't see listed below, please ask! The best way to contact me directly is via my Facebook page.

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GoPro Leaving Sugarlands Visitor Center – Smoky Mountains

Leaving Sugarlands Visitor Center and driving the the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest. Available on - GoPro HERO5 Session

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