How to Livestream to YouTube

This is how to livestream to YouTube. YouTube live streaming is a great way to better interact with one's audience. Aside from a high-speed Internet connection that is not congested with concurrent activity (family streaming Netflix, playing video games, downloading large files, etc.) below is the equipment that I use for my YouTube Live Shows (Epic

Green Screen Equipment & Tutorial

This is how to green screen. Within this video, I explain all green screen procedures from lighting to editing. Learning how to green screen may seem difficult at first but after purchasing the appropriate equipment and practicing in your green screen location, chroma keying ("green screening") is an easy skill to master. Consistent lighting and

Step-By-Step Green Screen Tutorial

Creating a green screen studio is not as difficult as one might think! Within this video, I explain step-by-step how I designed my green screen studio. Larger rooms can be used to create full-body green screen sets but in a small room like mine, I was able to create a highly-convincing green screen studio. Quality

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