How to Cook an Egg

This is how to cook an egg in a skillet. Knowing how to cook an egg is an essential breakfast skill. Within this video, I demonstrate how to crack an egg and then how to cook an egg. The trick is to not break the egg's yoke, when cracking the egg. Trick number two is

How to Cook Bacon

This is how to cook bacon! Cooking bacon is simple, if you know the proper steps. Many people burn bacon. This is how I cook perfect bacon perfectly without burning the bacon! #Bacon #Cooking

How to Cook Sausage Patties

This is how to cook sausage patties! Cooking sausage patties is simple and you can buy pre-formed sausage patties at the grocery store or buy a chub of sausage and cut your own sausage patties. I prefer to buy the pre-cut sausage patties because I can simply pull them out of the package and cook

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