Phantom 3 Gimbal Wheel Speed Adjustment HOW-TO

This is how to change the DJI Phantom 3 gimbal wheel speed. Depending upon one's personal preference, a fast or slow gimbal speed may be preferred. I prefer to reduce the speed of the Phantom 3 gimbal control knob to make my Phantom 3 videos looks more cinematic.

DJI Phantom 3 Circle An Object Tutorial

Many people are upset because the DJI Phantom 3 at the time of posting this does not feature autonomous flight. The good news is that the DJI Phantom 3 is so easy to fly that most anyone with a little practice can likely circle around an object while filming. Check out this video and see

Phantom 3 Camera Tilted in Strong Wind

If you've ever flown your Phantom 3 in strong wind (I don't recommend it) then you may have encountered a tilted horizon issue. I performed this follow-up field test prior to my strong wind tilted gimbal flight and all worked well. My Phantom 3 hardware and software seems to be 100% functional but I wish

Phantom 3 FPV Fix Tutorial

One of my favorite Phantom 3 features is 720P HD first-person view ("FPV"). It's crystal-clear and makes lining up the perfect shot with the Phantom 3 camera more easily doable. Unfortunately several people have encountered issues with DJI Phantom 3 FPV. The good news is that it should be easy to fix Phantom 3 FPV!