Is AR Coating a Bad Thing?

Many watches have an anti-reflective ("AR") coating. Is an AR coating on a watch a bad thing? I own several timepieces that have an AR coating and must admit that I've achieved a few hair-line scratches in the AR coating. The reality is though that many others would likely never notice. It's only visible upon

Why Watch Case Height Matters

Watch thickness is something that every watch buyer should consider. Watch height is something that often goes unnoticed. My best advice is to head to an authorized dealer and try on two watches of the same diameter that have radically different case heights. It's amazing how two timepieces of the same size can wear radically

What’s the Best Watch Size?

What's the best watch size? I have a 7.5" wrist and 39mm to 42mm work best for me. If I want a watch that wears slightly large, 44mm is perfect! My best advice is to visit your authorized dealer and try on a variety of different timepieces. Keep in mind that because of case design,

Crown Guards vs. No Crown Guards – What Difference Does it Make?

Is a watch with crown guards or without crown guards better? Within this video, I explain the purpose for crown guards. I also explain several things to take into consideration before purchasing a timepiece with crown guards or without crown guards. Enjoy, subscribe and share! #CrownGuards #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Watches

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Advice for First Luxury Watch Purchase

If you're shopping for your first luxury watch, this video may provide value. Many first-time watch buyers make the mistake of choosing the wrong timepiece. The first watch or "one and done" watch should be a keeper. Within this video, I discuss timeless watch references that would likely be an excellent decision for anyone! Enjoy

Rolex Submariner 114060 in a Stream

The Rolex Submariner is not only the most popular watch in the world because of its looks but the durability trumps that of any other timepiece that I've handled. The bezel action is arguably smoother than all other timepieces! The high-grade stainless steel can take a beating and it's highly water resistant. I've worn the

How to Choose the Best Watch Size for Your Wrist

This is how to choose the best watch size for your wrist. Like a suit, choosing a watch that fits your wrist is super important. I have a 7.5" wrist and within this video I demonstrate how different-sized watches look on my wrist. A watch that looks "too big" on one person's wrist may look

Top Dive Watches – Rolex vs. Omega vs. Ulysse Nardin

These are three of my favorite dive watches and they are all unique IMO. The Rolex Submariner 114060 features an in-house movement and is arguable the most iconic timepiece in the world. The Omega SeaMaster 300m is a real tank of a watch and is also commonly referred to by watch collectors as "the James

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