Wristwatch Education: Does Box & Papers Matter?

Does box and papers matter? Many people that purchase their first wristwatch often discard the box and papers. Why is it important to keep the watch's box and papers? Within this video, I explain the reasons to always retain the watch box and papers. #Watches #TimepiecesForTomorrow

Why Tudor is Not a Compromise

This is why a Tudor watch is not a compromise. Historically, Tudor has been unfairly stereotyped as a "poor man's Rolex." Since Tudor launched Black Bay, that stereotype is no longer fair. Current-reference Tudor wristwatches contain top technology and components. The fit and finish of a Tudor watch is pretty much the same as a

Why Dress Watches Are Less Popular Today

Dress watches are less popular today for a variety of reasons. A dress watch is typically a precious metals timepiece on a leather strap or delicate stainless steel bracelet. Society as a whole has become more casual. There are less times when a suit, dress shirt and tie has to be worn. With that being

Best Entry-Level High Horology Timepiece

This is the best entry-level high horology timepieces in my opinion! Jaeger LeCoultre manufactures some of the best wristwatch movements in the world and are all subject to the "1000 Hours Master Control." This means that Jaeger LeCoultre tests the movement in the actual watchcase for 1,000 hours! Jaeger LeCoultre movements are well-decorated and reliable.

What Should Omega Release in 2022?

Omega has been making exception al wristwatches for many years. The Omega SeaMaster and Omega SpeedMaster are arguably their two most popular references. Which watch would you like to see Omega release in 2022? #Omega #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Wristwatches

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Wristwatch Collector vs. Wristwatch Investor

People enjoy wristwatches for multiple reasons. Some people enjoy collecting and wearing wristwatches, some only acquire wristwatches for their future investment potential and others are a combination of both. Thanks to the Internet and social media, values of pre-owned wristwatches can be quickly tracked. This has lead to the birth of "wristwatch investors." People that

How the Grey Market is Tremendous for Tudor

The grey market has been tremendous for Tudor! Rolex is in short supply in Rolex authorized dealers and Rolex boutiques. Rolex prices on the watch grey market are often several hundred percent more. The grey market has in turn put Tudor in the spotlight. Since Rolex dealers have next to no wristwatches to sell, they

How the Grey Market Has Destroyed Rolex for Collectors

Several years ago, Rolex watches were still expensive but they could be found in all Rolex authorized dealers and Rolex boutiques. Throughout the past few year, Rolex dealers have next to no stock. Historically, Rolex watches could be purchased for a substantial discount from grey market dealers and at a discount from most Rolex ADs

What is Timepieces for Tomorrow?

What is Timepieces for Tomorrow? Within this video I explain why I created Timepieces for Tomorrow and my vision for it going forward. Enjoy, share and be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for Timepieces for Tomorrow videos and live shows! #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Watches #Wristwatch

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