Wristwatch Acquisition Advice – John – May, 2022

Welcome to wristwatch acquisition advice from Timepieces for Tomorrow. If you're planning to acquire a new timepiece and are seeking advice, please ask! E-mail review@TimepiecesForTomorrow.com and I'll post a video response. Thanks in advance for your questions! #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Wristwatches

Was The Rolex Shortage Created to Promote Tudor?

Was the Rolex shortage created to promote the Tudor brand? Within this video, I share my opinions but I welcome your opinions too. The reality is that most any Rolex authorized dealer or Rolex boutique will have few, if any, Rolex watches available for purchase. This leads to Rolex waiting lists and even with a

Why I Prefer Rolex Two-Tone Over Tudor Two-Tone

Both Rolex and Tudor have a variety of two-tone watches. Two-tone watches are watches that incorporate gold and stainless steel. The can be in the watch case, bracelet or both. Although cosmetically, Tudor and Rolex two-tone watches seem to be the same, there are an abundance of differences. I explain those differences within this video.

Rolex 2022 Releases – Honest Opinions

Rolex released several new references in 2022. Most notably, Rolex released a new Air-King with crown guards, GMT-Master II with green and black bezel with left-hand drive, Day-Date 40 with fluted bezel and a few other references that aren't of interest to me. Rolex also quietly discontinued the Oyster Perpetual 41mm references in bright colors.

Tudor 2022 Releases – Honest Opinions

Tudor released some interesting new watches in 2022. The Tudor Black Bay Pro definitely stole the show but Tudor also released several other references. Within this video, I share my honest opinions related to Tudor's latest releases! #Tudor #TimepiecesForTomorrow

The Two Best Tudor Watches

Since Tudor launched Black Bay, Tudor is no longer "a poor man's Rolex." With that said, what are the two best Tudor watches on the market today? There are a variety of highly-desirable Tudor wristwatch references to choose from but these are the two best in my opinion. #Tudor #BlackBay

Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Opinions

Omega x Swatch is a collaboration between Swatch and Omega. Swatch owns Omega, so it makes sense that they were able to accomplish this. The watches closely resemble Omega SpeedMaster watches. The watches are Bioceramic, which is a mixture of ceramic and plastic materials. The watches come of very well-designed VELCRO straps and are quartz

Best Bang for Buck Tudor Watch

What is the best bang for buck Tudor timepiece? Since Tudor unveiled Black Bay, there are a variety of highly-desirable Tudor wristwatch references to choose among. Which are my favorite Tudor watches and why? What's your favorite timepiece from Tudor? #Tudor #BlackBay #TimepiecesForTomorrow

Tudor Black Bay Chrono (“Inverted Panda”) More Opinions After Many Months Wearing

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono is currently my favorite chronograph! It features a screw-down crown and screw-down pushers, so I can swim with it. It has a black aluminum bezel that should develop a pleasing patina. It's not loud or "blingy!" The matte black dial with use of red is phenomenal! The date window at

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