Smooth Bezel vs. Dive Bezel – Which is Best?

Is a dive bezel or a smooth bezel better? Within this video, I explain two popular types of watch bezels and the advantages of each! Enjoy, share subscribe and check out all of my other wristwatch videos too! #Watches #TimepiecesForTomorrow

Is AR Coating a Bad Thing?

Many watches have an anti-reflective ("AR") coating. Is an AR coating on a watch a bad thing? I own several timepieces that have an AR coating and must admit that I've achieved a few hair-line scratches in the AR coating. The reality is though that many others would likely never notice. It's only visible upon

Best Dive Watches to Consider

There are an abundance of dive watches to choose from. In my opinion, a proper dive watch must feature a screw-down crown and sport water resistance of at least 200 meters. There are a lot of watches that look like dive watches but are not suitable for swimming. These are the dive watches that I

Crown Guards vs. No Crown Guards – What Difference Does it Make?

Is a watch with crown guards or without crown guards better? Within this video, I explain the purpose for crown guards. I also explain several things to take into consideration before purchasing a timepiece with crown guards or without crown guards. Enjoy, subscribe and share! #CrownGuards #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Watches

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Advice for First Luxury Watch Purchase

If you're shopping for your first luxury watch, this video may provide value. Many first-time watch buyers make the mistake of choosing the wrong timepiece. The first watch or "one and done" watch should be a keeper. Within this video, I discuss timeless watch references that would likely be an excellent decision for anyone! Enjoy

Advice for New Watch Collectors

Many new watch collectors make mistakes and that is completely understandable. It's easy to be "sold" on the "right watch," when another reference should have been purchased instead. If collecting watch for possible value retention and possible price appreciation, there are a lot of things that a watch collector should take into account. Always remember

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