Why Tudor is Not a Compromise

This is why a Tudor watch is not a compromise. Historically, Tudor has been unfairly stereotyped as a "poor man's Rolex." Since Tudor launched Black Bay, that stereotype is no longer fair. Current-reference Tudor wristwatches contain top technology and components. The fit and finish of a Tudor watch is pretty much the same as a

Wristwatch Education: Authorized Dealer vs. Grey Market Dealer

Wristwatches can be purchased from authorized dealers ("ADs") or grey market dealers. Authorized dealers often provide an international warranty for the wristwatches that they sell and authenticity is confirmed. If a wristwatch is purchased from the grey market, any warranty cards that may be included are likely invalid. However, many grey market dealers may offer

Timepieces for Tomorrow LIVE SHOW – Episode #15 – Wristwatch Discussion

Welcome to Timepieces for Tomorrow! I created the Timepieces for Tomorrow live show to share wristwatch knowledge, wristwatch reviews and more. Watch collecting is a very complicated hobby. My goal is to create an honest online knowledge base for collectors of all experience levels and budgets. Enjoy and share! #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Watches #Timepiece

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Best Entry-Level High Horology Timepiece

This is the best entry-level high horology timepieces in my opinion! Jaeger LeCoultre manufactures some of the best wristwatch movements in the world and are all subject to the "1000 Hours Master Control." This means that Jaeger LeCoultre tests the movement in the actual watchcase for 1,000 hours! Jaeger LeCoultre movements are well-decorated and reliable.

Timepieces for Tomorrow Seeking Watch Dealer Relationship

Timepieces for Tomorrow is seeking a relationship with a reputable wristwatch dealer. I currently don't have the desire or time to become a pre-owned wristwatch dealer but am seeking a watch dealer that can provide me access with wristwatches to review within Timepieces for Tomorrow videos. Also, I'd like to have a preferred wristwatch dealer

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