Rolex Submariner vs. Tudor Black Bay Chrono Wearability

The Rolex Submariner and Tudor Black Bay Chrono are both extremely comfortable stainless steel sports watches. How do I find the wearability of the Rolex Submariner vs. Tudor Black Bay Chrono? These are my opinions and I hope that this video helps, if you are trying to decide between the Submariner and Chrono or are

Timepieces for Tomorrow LIVE SHOW – Episode #16 – Tudor Watches & MORE…

Welcome to Timepieces for Tomorrow! I created the Timepieces for Tomorrow live show to share wristwatch knowledge, wristwatch reviews and more. Watch collecting is a very complicated hobby. My goal is to create an honest online knowledge base for collectors of all experience levels and budgets. Enjoy and share! #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Watches #Timepiece

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Wristwatch Education: Does Box & Papers Matter?

Does box and papers matter? Many people that purchase their first wristwatch often discard the box and papers. Why is it important to keep the watch's box and papers? Within this video, I explain the reasons to always retain the watch box and papers. #Watches #TimepiecesForTomorrow

How Omega Should Improve SeaMaster 300m

The Omega SeaMaster 300m is arguably one of the most iconic dive watches in the world. It's built like a tank, is highly water resistant and has the old-school James Bond connection. However, what would make this iconic dive watch even better? These are my thoughts. What do you think? #Omega #SeaMaster #TimepiecesForTomorrow

Wristwatch Education: Authorized Dealer vs. Grey Market Dealer

Wristwatches can be purchased from authorized dealers ("ADs") or grey market dealers. Authorized dealers often provide an international warranty for the wristwatches that they sell and authenticity is confirmed. If a wristwatch is purchased from the grey market, any warranty cards that may be included are likely invalid. However, many grey market dealers may offer

Why Dress Watches Are Less Popular Today

Dress watches are less popular today for a variety of reasons. A dress watch is typically a precious metals timepiece on a leather strap or delicate stainless steel bracelet. Society as a whole has become more casual. There are less times when a suit, dress shirt and tie has to be worn. With that being

Is Ulysse Nardin a Good Timepiece?

Is Ulysse Nardin a quality timepiece? Ulysse Nardin has been making timepieces since 1846. They're a Swiss timepiece manufacturer, based in Le Locle, Switzerland. This is the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver with a burgundy dial. It's a high-end timepiece that is also well-suited for swimming. Although I'm not to fond of some Ulysse Nardin

What Defines a Proper Dive Watch?

What defines a proper dive watch? Whether diving with a dive watch or not, every proper dive watch should possess these specifications in my opinion. Always do your due diligence, before purchasing a dive watch. There are an abundance of wristwatches on the market that may look like a dive watch but aren't actually manufactured

What Should Omega Release in 2022?

Omega has been making exception al wristwatches for many years. The Omega SeaMaster and Omega SpeedMaster are arguably their two most popular references. Which watch would you like to see Omega release in 2022? #Omega #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Wristwatches

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Advice for Purchasing Your First Luxury Wristwatch

This is advice for purchasing your first luxury wristwatch. Whether you plan for this to be your first and only luxury wristwatch or you hope to add additional wristwatches in the future, this video should respond to everyone. A luxury wristwatch should not be a quick acquisition. Save money and thoroughly research first. Stick with

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