UDI Drone Review

This is a great drone of anyone looking for an extremely affordable first-time drone experience. It also has a camera! The batteries are easy to recharge using the included USB charger….simply plug into a computer’s USB port to charge. The user will need to supply their own batteries for the controller, as they were not included. The kit includes extra propellers but I managed to crash several times, without damaging the drone or propellers. I attribute the drones durability to the extremely lightweight construction of the drone. It’s important to note that this drone does not handle wind well. Unlike larger and heavier drones, wind will cause this drone to severely drift. The camera quality is decent but it’s important to note that it’s obviously not gimbal-stabilized like more expensive drones. This drone is EXTREMELY fast and is a blast to fly! This would likely be the perfect drone for any casual drone flyer or someone that wants to experience quadcopters, prior to forking out a lot more cash for more advanced drone models.

Available on Amazon.comUDI 818A HD Drone Quadcopter with 720p HD Camera Headless Mode with Return to Home Function and Extra Batteries in Exclusive White

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