Dress watches are less popular today for a variety of reasons. A dress watch is typically a precious metals timepiece on a leather strap or delicate stainless steel bracelet. Society as a whole has become more casual. There are less times when a suit, dress shirt and tie has to be worn. With that being the case, a dress watch is often considered to be too formal to pair with casual clothing. Also, stainless steel sports watches like the Rolex Submariner have become more common to wear with formal attire. Stainless steels sports watches are almost always more durable and most sports watches feature screw-down crowns, for exceptional water resistance. Taking all of these factors into account means that a dress watch will likely be worn is less situations and likely won’t be as durable as a stainless steel sports watch. If someone if looking for a “one and done” wristwatch and doesn’t desire multiple wristwatches, a dress watch would likely be a poor decision. With all of this said, I most often wear a dress watch with a suit, instead of a Rolex Submariner or other stainless steel sports wristwatch. #Watches #Timepieces #TimepiecesForTomorrow