Wristwatches can be purchased from authorized dealers (“ADs”) or grey market dealers. Authorized dealers often provide an international warranty for the wristwatches that they sell and authenticity is confirmed. If a wristwatch is purchased from the grey market, any warranty cards that may be included are likely invalid. However, many grey market dealers may offer their own warranty, in place of the manufacturer’s warranty. Discontinued wristwatch references cannot be found in authorized dealers, so the grey market is popular for finding vintage and discontinued wristwatches. Also, deals can often be found on the grey market. Historically, grey market prices for wristwatches were often lower than MSRP at authorized dealers. That’s often not the case anymore. Some brands like Rolex are selling way above MSRP on the grey market. #AuthorizedDealer #GreyMarket #TimepiecesForTomorrow