Many people may assume that Yeti coolers are just marketing hype. I used to think that until I got my Yeti 35 Quart Tundra Cooler. The build quality of the Yeti cooler was the first thing that I noticed. It feels like it’s built to last for many years and the rubberized feet on the bottom help to better prevent it from sliding across a boat’s deck and/or other slick surface. The latching mechanism is a tire-like rubber that feels as if it shouldn’t crack or become damaged, even after extended use outdoors. The handles on the sides are coated with a similar material. There are multiple size and color options available for Yeti coolers. I love the blue color of mine and the 35 quart size. This size was comfortably able to accommodate over 24×12 ounce cans plus ice. What amazed me the most is how cold the cans felt right out of the cooler vs. cans coming out of a standard cooler. Also, the ice melts SUPER SLOWLY. It’s easy to keep beverages and/or other items cold for a day or, without having to add more ice! This is something that’s not doable with most standard coolers.