How to Clean DJI Phantom 4 Camera

This is how to clean the DJI Phantom 4 camera. Please keep in mind that the factory DJI Phantom 4 has a removable lens filter. In most situations, removing the lens filter may not even be necessary for cleaning.

DJI Phantom 4 Landing Gear in Camera’s View Test

Is it possible to get the DJI Phantom 4's landing gear in the Phantom 4 camera's field of view? I tried my best but didn't seem to accomplish it. This is one major improvement from the DJI Phantom 3.

DJI Phantom 4 Landing Practice Routine

This is a training routine that I perform to improve my DJI Phantom 4 landing skills.  Since I often landing on a boat that is rocking when I land, it's important to PERFECT my landing skills.  Please share and enjoy my other DJI Phantom 4 videos too!

DJI Phantom 4 Controller Improved Build Quality

Although the DJI Phantom 4 controller looks and feels almost identical to the Phantom 3 Pro controller, closer inspection reveals a sturdier mount for the table/smartphone. If you're like me, you may have experienced a slight wobble in your Phantom 3 Pro's mount. That does not seem to exist with the new DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Obstacle Avoidance Test

This is a field test of the new DJI Phantom 4 obstacle avoidance feature. I would DEFINITELY not assume that obstacle avoidance will work to be safe but it was cool to test! Enjoy and Share!