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8K UltraHD Secret Waterfall off Middle Prong Trail

8K UltraHD waterfall. This is a secret waterfall that can be found a few hundred feet off of Middle Prong Trail in the Smoky Mountains. The trail is not marked but after you cross over the large bridge, listen for the water. Before a sharp turn back to the left, there is an area in

Backcountry Campsite 34 Walkthrough

Backcountry Campsite #34 is an enjoyable hike from Cosby via Gabe's Mountain Trail! Please note that all backcountry campsites in the SMoky Mountains are by reservation only, so be sure to contact the Backcountry Office to obtain a backcountry permit. The hike to Backcountry Campsite #34 provides a variety of scenic mountain views and there

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites on the River Review – Gatlinburg, TN

This is a review of Econo Lodge Inn & Suites on the River in Gatlinburg, TN. If you're looking for an affordable place to stay in Gatlinburg that is a short walk from the Gatlinburg Strip ("Gatlinburg Parkway"), as well as the Smoky Mountains National Park, then this is an excellent motel to consider! The

Gabe’s Mountain Trail to Backcountry Campsite 34

We parked at Cosby Campground and hiked Gabe's Mountain Trail to Backcountry Campsite #34. Backcountry Campsite 34 is an excellent campsite! It's located alongside a stream, so water is plentiful. Also, there are an abundance of fire rings and places to pitch tents at Backcountry Campsite 34. There are two bear pulley systems. Like all

Backcountry Campsite 28 – IN Middle Prong Trail / OUT Miry Ridge & Jake’s Creek Trails – 16.2 Miles

Backcountry campsite 28 is one of my many favorite backcountry campsites in the Smoky Mountains! Due to bridge construction before the Middle Prong Trail trailhead, our hike in was extended by approximately 1.3 miles. The hike in via Middle Prong Trail was mostly an ascent. We spend the night at backcountry campsite 28 and it

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Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set Review

Packing cubes are great, for better organizing items inside of a suitcase. Also, they lessen the likelihood of items falling out and becoming lost, if the suitcase is opened. I highly recommend these Amazon Basics packing cubes! They come in a variety of colors and the build quality is excellent! The zippers work well too!

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner Review After Several Years Using

AmazonBasics luggage is great! I purchased this luggage in 2019 and have used it multiple times. I've encountered zero quality control issues with this luggage. Not only is it affordable luggage but it's available in a variety of bright colors, which makes it easy to spot at airport baggage claim! Like most luggage, the pull-out

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Are Ring Cameras or Nest Cameras Better?

Are Ring cameras or Nest cameras better? I owned and used Nest cameras for many years and have used Ring cameras for almost a year. If you're trying to decide between Ring or Nest, I hope that this video helps. Within this video, I explain my experience with both Nest and Ring cameras. Please let

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Unboxing

The Ka-bar tactical spork is great for backpacking! It features a spoon/fork on one end and pulls apart to reveal a knife! It's the perfect all-in-one lightweight eating utensil for backpacking! #Kabar #Spork #Backpacking

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Essentials Items to Take Backpacking

Backpacking is an exciting activity but it requires proper planning and the correct equipment. Ill-prepared backpackers will have an unenjoyable and possibly dangerous experience. Always plan for a backpacking adventure in advance and keep an inventory of all items that have been packed. This is essential equipment that every backpacker should have! #Backpacking #Backcountry

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