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VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV Review

I was looking for an affordable 65-inch 4K TV and the Vizio V Series 65-Inch fit the bill perfectly! It has eARC and pairs perfectly with my Sonos Arc soundbar! The color is excellent and it was easy to wall-mount! For the price and performance, it has exceeded my expectations! #Vizio #eARC Available on

Natural Way to Improve Sleep? Tart Cherry Juice

I was looking for a way to naturally improve sleep and tart cherry juice unexpectedly did the trick for me! Tart cherry juice tastes great and I drink about one cup of it before I go to sleep. I don't know how it works but when I drink tart cherry juice before bed, I don't

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Vice Pro Soft Review

Vice Pro Soft golf balls are excellent! The "leading brand" soft golf ball is super expensive. Vice Pro Soft is a lot less expensive and comes in a variety of color options. I like the blu balls but the coral color tends to blend well with dirt. For that reason, I'll likely exclude the coral

How to Lock the Screen on a Mac Computer

This is how to lock a Mac computer. If you walk away from your Mac, it's likely always best to lock the Mac's screen. Within this video, I demonstrate how to lock the screen on an Apple computer. Don't feel bad if you're a Windoze convert that is used to pressing [ALT] [CTRL] [DEL].

How to Disable MySQL Bin Logs

MySQL bin logs can consume a lot of disk space. Many people like myself try to minimize the amount of disk space that is allocated to Linux servers to reduce cost. When MySQL logs start to build, disk space can be consumed quickly. Admittedly, one of my Ubuntu Linux MySQL servers was approaching 100% disk

How to Find Large Files in Linux

This is how to find large files in Linux. Finding large directories and files in Linux is easy to do, by using this command. I'm demonstrating using Ubuntu Linux but the same command will likely work for other Linux flavours too! Growing log files are often the root cause of rapid disk space loss. #Linux​

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