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2024 Acura Integra Review After ~9,000 Miles

My 2024 Acura Integra A-Spec with Technology has been a fantastic vehicle so far! ALmost like most German vehicles that I have owned, I have not encountered any electronics issues with my Acura Integra. Since this is the CVT Acura Integra, gas mileage is excellent! Although road noise and wind noise may be slightly more

2024 OTC Markets Trading Strategy

The stock market is a complicated animal. Trading strategies that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. The Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board ("OTCBB") is where most "penny stocks" live. The OTCBB is divided into multiple tiers and the PinkSheets tier is typically where the most volatile and most risky stocks can be found. I've been trading penny

Riding a Horse in the Caribbean Sea

Captain IrixGuy sails throughout the Caribbean seeking adventure! Within this video, Captain IrixGuy hops off of his sailboat and onto a horse! Subscribe, ring that bell icon, share and enjoy the adventure! #Horse #CaptainIrixGuy #Caribbean

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How to Mount eero to Wall or Ceiling

This is how to mount an eero to a wall or ceiling. amazon eero in my opinion is the best wireless mesh solution. Mounting an eero gives the eero installation a clean and out-of-the-way look! I have hard-wired all of my eero devices, so that they connect to my eero gateway via CAT8 cable. This

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Electric Smoker Smoked Bologna Slices

Bologna slices are great fried but they're even better smoked! This is how I smoked my bologna slices! Enjoy, subscribe, share and check out all of my other electric smoker videos too! #SmokedBologna #Bologna #Masterbuilt #ChefIrixGuy Available on Amazon.com - Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30", Black

Onten 10G USB-C HUB Unboxing

Do you need more USB-C ports? The Onten USB-C hub turns one USB-C port into four! I use this USB-C hub in conjunction with my MacBook Pro but it's compatible with other computers and devices too! I love that no driver or software is required! I simply plug it into my MacBook Pro and now

The Proper Way to Pull a Butt

The is how to pull a pork butt the proper way. Although it may appear to be simple, there are many things to consider before pulling a butt! First of all, a properly-smoked butt must be available. That butt must have rested for around 30 minutes or so before attempting to pull. There are many

How to Install Synology NAS Hard Drive

This is how to install a hard drive in a Synology NAS. Within this video, I demonstrate how to install a second hard drive within a Synology NAS and then configure it. For my Synology NAS configuration, I used Just a Bunch of Disks ("JBOD") so that I could combine two drives for twice the

How to Configure Time Machine Backups to Include USB Hard Drives

This is how to configure Time Machine to include USB hard drives as part of the Time Machine backups. By default, Time Machine typically adds any hard drives that are connected to a Mac as "excluded." This means that by default, a USB hard drive's data is likely not being backed up by Time Machine.

My Light for Grilling

I do a lot of grilling and don't always carry a flashlight. Sometimes I don't want to use my smartphone as a camera because my fingers are greasy. This LED light is perfect for grilling! It's super affordable and can recharge via USB. After I've finished grilling for the night, I simply bring the LED

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