After going on a cruise and posting a video to YouTube, I was invited to become a YouTube Partner.  At that point in time, I had no idea what a “YouTube Partner” was but I took the time to read the e-mail, since it had originated from Google.  The YouTube Partner program at that point in time was by invitation only.  I accepted the opportunity and then quickly discovered that the opportunity was real!  I began learning how to film better videos and invested in better camera and editing equipment.  I began filming, editing and uploading an abundance of YouTube videos.  I fully embraced the opportunity and have grown the channel to the size that it is today.  I’ve been presented with an abundance of professional opportunities, as the product of the exposure.  People throughout the world commonly approach me and say “hey IrixGuy!”  I’ve “unlocked” and have have filmed at YouTube Space in New York City.  What’s next for IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel?  Subscribe, stay tuned and watch the adventure unfold!

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