Bermuda is a great place to visit. Unlike islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda is due east of the United States. Keep that in mind, as Bermuda is not warm all year. Tourists cannot rent cars in Bermuda. Tourists can only rent mopeds or take a bus or taxi. The food is Bermuda is amazing. Bermudian Fish Chowder is my favorite dish. Their Rum Swizzle drink is awesome too! I recommend planning in advance and trying to find an affordable vacation rental vs. a hotel. The “West End” of Bermuda is where the cruise ships dock. I would probably avoid that area and look for a vacation rental on the “East End” of Bermuda. Be sure that your comfort level with driving a moped exists, otherwise try to find a vacation rental within walking distance of a bus stop. St. George’s is an awesome place to stay and there is a bus stop there. Taxis in Bermuda can become insanely expensive. If you want to experience Bermuda “on the cheap” then I highly recommend traveling with some non-perishable breakfast bars, etc. to eat. I typically eat lunch out because the prices tend to be lower. I graze for dinner. If one is accustomed to food prices in the United States, the prices for food can seem outlandish but the food is well worth it in my opinion. Also keep in mind that most everything from toilet paper to toiletries is imported. Pack as much stuff as you can to avoid having to spend more after arriving in Bermuda. I’ve found the cost of checking an extra bag full of food to be well worth the extra expense at the airport. If you’re a drinker, be sure to stock up in the duty-free store inside of the airport BEFORE leaving the airport. Unlike some other islands, liquor cannot be purchase duty-free after leaving the airport. Stock back up on duty-free liquor before your return flight. Bermudians are super friendly and I’ve found the entire island to feel very safe. I would encourage exploring the island tip-to-tip via moped. I might would avoid certain parts of Hamilton after dark. Hamilton is Bermuda’s capitol city and is a fun place to eat and shop during the day. Don’t ride a moped with a shirt because it is apparently illegal in Bermuda. Also, pack plenty of sunscreen because that is super expensive in Bermuda. I recommend wearing a backpack for the moped. Even though most mopeds have a storage cage on the back, a backpack provides additional storage. There are some thieves that will fly by quickly and try to steal stuff from your moped’d basket, so watch out! This never haven’t to me but I was cautioned about it.