How to Lock the Screen on a Mac Computer

This is how to lock a Mac computer. If you walk away from your Mac, it's likely always best to lock the Mac's screen. Within this video, I demonstrate how to lock the screen on an Apple computer. Don't feel bad if you're a Windoze convert that is used to pressing [ALT] [CTRL] [DEL].

How to Disable MySQL Bin Logs

MySQL bin logs can consume a lot of disk space. Many people like myself try to minimize the amount of disk space that is allocated to Linux servers to reduce cost. When MySQL logs start to build, disk space can be consumed quickly. Admittedly, one of my Ubuntu Linux MySQL servers was approaching 100% disk

DJI Air 2S Favorite Video Settings

The DJI Air 2S features a one-inch sensor, incredible battery life and small travel size and travel weight! #DJIAir2S​ #Drone

Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike Assembly – Was it Difficult?

Was the Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike easy to assemble? I videoed the entire Red Rider Trike assembly process and admittedly there were a few confusing steps. Once assembled, the Red Rider Trike has been great though! #RadioFlyer #RedRiderTrike Available on Amazon.com - Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike, outdoor toddler tricycle, ages 2 ½ -5

How to Make Cocktail Sauce

This is how to make cocktail sauce! Store-bought cocktail sauce is often underwhelming and homemade cocktail sauce can be tweaked to satisfy your personal taste preferences. Core ingredients for cocktail sauce are worcestershire sauce, ketchup, horseradish, sea salt, fresh-ground pepper and lemon juice. Optionally hot sauce and/or wasabi can be added to amplify the spiciness.

How to Cook an Egg

This is how to cook an egg in a skillet. Knowing how to cook an egg is an essential breakfast skill. Within this video, I demonstrate how to crack an egg and then how to cook an egg. The trick is to not break the egg's yoke, when cracking the egg. Trick number two is

How to Bake a Potato

This is how to bake a potato. Baking a potato like a steakhouse does is not that difficult! Within this video, I explain how to bake an amazing baked potato by only using aluminum foil, olive oil, and sea salt! I typically bake a normal-sized potato at 400 degrees for about an hour. When I

How to Grill a Steak

This is how to grill a steak! Grilling the perfect steak is a skill that is perfected over time. I always recommend using a charcoal grill, for the best-tasting steak! Toss on some hickory chips to amplify the flavor even more! I marinate my steak in the refrigerator overnight, while tightly-covered. For simplicity, simply use

How to Make a Garage Door Look Fancy

This is how to make a garage door look fancy! These garage door magnets contain rare earth magnets and don't require drilling. If you want to make your garage door look like it has handles, this is how to attach decorative garage door handles and accent pieces to a garage door without drilling! #GarageDoorMagnets Available

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