How to Green Screen During a Web Conference

Within this tutorial, I explain how to green screen during a web conference. I've used this procedure to green screen with GoToMeeting but this same procedure will likely work for most other web conferencing software too! Why green screen during GoToMeeting? It enables the presenter to have a professional backdrop of their choosing vs. whatever

Cubiker Writing Computer Desk 39″ Home Office Study Desk Assembly Video

I performed thorough research and finally found the perfect computer desk. It's large enough, was easy to assemble and is sturdy. It looks nice too! I love how there is a storage pouch on one side of this desk too! I use it to store my laptop's charger and other cables while not in use.

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AmazonBasics Closet Storage Organizer with Bins and Shelving Assembly

Within this video, I assemble the AmazonBasics Closet Storage Organizer. Assembly was simple and the build quality is nice! I purchased this to function as a shelf to hold my down sleeping bags, while not in use. I store my backpacking clothing inside of the two bins below. I've been very pleased with this product

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How to Photograph Waterfalls

This is how to photograph waterfalls. Even the most expensive cameras will not capture a waterfall properly, unless the appropriate camera settings are utilized. With this video, I explain how to photograph a waterfall using shutter priority mode. This can also be accomplished in full manual mode but many people may find the shutter priority

How to Pause Nest Cameras

This is how to pause Google Nest cameras. When performing bandwidth-intensive tasks such as YouTube live streaming, etc. it may be beneficial to temporarily pause Nest cameras. By design, Nest cameras continuously uploaded recorded video to the cloud. Although that likely won't impact most applications, pausing the Nest cameras may provide the extra bandwidth necessary

Air Fry with IrixGuy – How to Make Air Fryer Potato Chips

This is how to make homemade potato chips with an air fryer. Unlike most store-bought potato chips, these potato chips are made from fresh potatoes. They also only contain the known ingredients that are added. #PotatoChips I've included links to the air fryer and all ingredients that I use below. Enjoy and be sure to

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How to Setup Echo Studio Home Theater

This is how to configure Echo Studio for a home theater. Echo Studio home theater setup is actually simple, after setting it up for the first time. Within this tutorial, I explain how I setup two Echo Studios and one Echo Sub as a home theater for my Fire Stick 4K. Enjoy and share with

Office Chair Wheel Upgrade for Hardwood Floors

Most office chairs require a mat, if used on hardwood floors. I cannot stand office chair mats. I feel that they look cheap! Changing an office chairs wheels is a great alternative to purchasing an ugly mat! Available on Amazon.com - Toplimit Office Chair Caster Wheels-Set of 5 Heavy Duty 3" Office Chair Replacement Wheels-Smooth&Safe

macOS Trash Can Won’t Empty Fix

This is how I deleted a file from a Mac's trash can that would not delete. The file was a Final Cut Pro X library file that was saved on an external hard drive. Whenever the external hard drive was connected, the file would appear within the Mac's trash can and would not delete. When

Caribbean Resort or Caribbean Vacation Rental?

Is a Caribbean resort of Caribbean vacation rental better? I personally prefer Caribbean vacation rentals over Caribbean resorts but there are a few exceptions. Within this video, I explain why Caribbean vacation rentals are a better experience than Caribbean resorts. Enjoy this video and please be sure to subscribe to my channel and check out