How to Store Photos & Videos in iCloud

This is how to store videos and photos in iCloud. If you want to view the same photos on all of your Apple devices, this is the best way to do it. I use two Mac computers, iPhone and iPad. Since I'm setup this way, any photo or video within the Photos app appears on

Advice for Purchasing Your First Luxury Wristwatch

This is advice for purchasing your first luxury wristwatch. Whether you plan for this to be your first and only luxury wristwatch or you hope to add additional wristwatches in the future, this video should respond to everyone. A luxury wristwatch should not be a quick acquisition. Save money and thoroughly research first. Stick with

How to Use a Chronograph

This is how to use a chronograph. A chronograph is a fancy word for "stopwatch." Within this video, I demonstrate how to use a chronograph complication on a watch. The watch featured within this video is a Tudor Black Bay Chrono. #Chronograph #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Tudor

How to Eat Snow Crab

Learning how to eat snow crab requires practice but becomes "muscle memory," after the first first times. Within this video, I demonstrate step-by-step how to eat snow crab. Some snow crab legs are easy to crack with one's hands but the larger crab legs and crab claws are more easily cracked using snow crab tools.

How to Unlock an Interior Door

This is how to unlock a locked interior door without a key. If an interior door is locked from the inside, the is how to open it from the outside without a key. The same or similar technique should work for most locks on interior doors. #Howto

How to Replace Lincoln Key Fob Battery

This is how to replace a Lincoln key fob battery. I'm replacing the Lincoln MKX's key fob battery within this video but the same or similar procedure will likely work for other Lincoln key fobs too! I've provided links above to the batteries like I used for my Lincoln key fob and also the tool

How to Remove Soap Spots from a Glass Shower Door

This is how I remove soap spots from a glass shower door. Even if a shower has been thoroughly cleaned, spots on a glass shower door can make it look dirty. This is how to clean a glass shower door! #Howto #Shower

How to Poop in the Wilderness – 2021 Edition

This is how to poop in the woods. While backcountry camping, there are no restrooms. I've met many sweaty and miserable amateurs on the trails that are either afraid to use the restroom in the woods or simply don't know how. They'll hold it in, to the point of misery. As crazy as this subject

Where Audi Battery is Located

Where is an Audi's battery located? Within this video, I demonstrate how to find an Audi's battery in a 2020 Audi A4. Many other Audis place the battery in the same location. I hope that this video helps you to find the Audi battery! #Audi #Auto #Howto

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How to Make Great Grill Marks

This is how to make great grill marks! Using cast-iron grates, it's easy to sear the steak to lock in flavors plus add incredible grill marks. #Steak #Howto #ChefIrixGuy

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