How to Find an iPhone’s MAC Address

This is how to find an iPhone's MAC address. iOS now includes a "Private WiFi Address" feature that essentially generates random MAC addresses. This makes identifying an iPhone on a WiFi network difficult. Private WiFi Address can be turned off to keep a consistent MAC address but knowing how to view an iPhone's private MAC

Rheem Gas Water Heater Pilot Light Went Out Fix

Please contact a certified technician to assist with gas water heater maintenance. With that being said, this is what I did to light the pilot light on my Rheem gas water heater that had gone out. The instructions on the Rheem gas water heater itself were not well written. They led me to believe that

Apple AirTag Won’t Pair Fix

This is how to fix an AirTag that won't pair. Within this video, I demonstrate how to reset an AirTag. Assuming that your battery is good, this will likely reset the AirTag and enable you to pair the AirTag with your phone again! #AirTag #Howto

How to Replace Apple AirTag Battery

This is how to replace an AirTag's battery. Fortunately replacing an AirTag's battery shouldn't require any tools. Within this video, I demonstrate how to replace an AirTag's battery. It's super simple! #AirTag #Howto

How to Check Water Hardness

Available on Amazon.com - Water Hardness Test Strips | Fast and Accurate Water Quality Testing Kit for Water Softener, Swimming Pool, Fish Tank , Spa Kit and etc |150 Strips for 150 Hard Water Tests. 0-425 ppm and 0-25 gpg This is how to test water hardness. Hard water can destroy faucets, pipes and more.

How to Repair a Down Sleeping Bag

Available on Amazon.com - GEAR AID Tenacious Tape Mini Patches with Peel-and-Stick Adhesive Repairs Holes and Tears in Winter Gear, Down Puffer Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Tents and Rain GearThis is how to patch a down sleeping bag. While packing my down sleeping bag in the backcountry, something snagged it. It's important to repair any holes

How I Cover My Blackstone While Not in Use

Available on Amazon.com - i COVER 36 inch Griddle Cover for Blackstone, 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof Canvas Flat Top Gas Grill Cover for Blackstone 36" Griddle Cooking Station for Camp Chef 600 Barbecue Cover with Support Pole This is how I cover my Blackstone while not in use. It's important to not cover a Blackstone

How to Make Chili – Cheap & Easy

This is how to make cheap and delicious chili. Canned chili is never great. This is a MAJOR step up from canned chili because of the premium ground beef. However, all ingredients that I use are super affordable. If you love homemade chili but don't want to deal with purchasing multiple ingredients and the expense,

Mini Fridge Freezer Frozen Fix

This is how to fix a mini fridge with a frozen freezer. This mini fridge's freezer had likely been frozen for several years and this is how I removed all of the ice, without damaging the mini fridge. This is a Whirlpool mini fridge but ice can form in other brands of mini fridges too.

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle After Cooking

Available on Amazon.com - Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36” Outdoor Griddle Station with Side Shelf (1554) This is how to clean a Blackstone after cooking. One of the best things about a Blackstone is the easy clean-up! To summarize, after cooking

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