Bionic Bird Review

This Bionic Bird is an awesome invention! The flight of the Bionic Bird mimics a real bird. It is controlled by a downloadable Android or iOS App. I use an iPhone 6 Plus and it works great! The Bionic Bird communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Flying the Bionic Bird may require some practice but it’s a lot of fun! Start by setting the feather flapping to max speed within the app and then throw the bird into the air using the other hand. It took me a few flights to start to get the hang of it but watching the Bionic Bird in flight closely mimics the flight of a real bird! Expect to attract a lot of attention from birds, cats and people in the area! What I really like about the Bionic Bird is the ability to recharge in the field between flights. From my observation, it took approximately 8 minutes or so to recharge an almost 100% depleted battery. The egg functions as the field charger and can recharge the Bionic Bird approximately 10 times before it has to be recharged. The good news is that the egg charger is recharged via USB, so this means that it’s easy to recharge while on-the-go in a car’s DC charging port, USB solar charger, etc. The Bionic Bird does not have a camera, so don’t expect photos and videos, FPV flight, etc. like one might enjoy with a DJI Phantom quadcopter. With that said, the Bionic Bird is a lot of fun and mine has been able to handle crashes in a grassy field.

Available on Amazon.comAvitron Remote Control Bionic Flying Bird – version 2

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