Passing Underneath Francis Scott Key Bridge Baltimore Aboard A Large Ship

This is what it's like to pass underneath Francis Scott Key Bridge aboard a large ship. There is minimal clearance between the top of the ship and the bottom of Key Bridge. #KeyBridge #FrancisScottKeyBridge

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2024 OTC Markets Trading Strategy

The stock market is a complicated animal. Trading strategies that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. The Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board ("OTCBB") is where most "penny stocks" live. The OTCBB is divided into multiple tiers and the PinkSheets tier is typically where the most volatile and most risky stocks can be found. I've been trading penny

2024 Stock Trading Strategy

This is my 2024 stock trading strategy. I'm sharing this video for entertainment purposes only and it should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell a security. My 2024 stock market strategy entails trading securities that pay dividends and then leveraging a portion of those dividends to fund highly-speculative penny stock trades. Should

2024 New Year’s Resolutions & Channel Update

2023 was an excellent year for IrixGuy's Adventure Channel and 2024 will be even better! These are some of my immediate New Year's resolutions for 2024 and also an IrixGuy's Adventure Channel update. I appreciate your subscriptions, loyal viewership, Super Chats/Super Thanks and your continued support. I welcome your feedback and suggestions for subjects that

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Why an Appropriate HVAC Filter is Important for Energy Consumption & HVAC Health

Changing HVAC filters periodically is important for several reasons. A dirty HVAC filter puts extra stress on the heating and cooling units and could cause them to break. Also, a dirty HVAC filter causes the HVAC unit to work harder and that likely results in more expensive heating and cooling bills. There are different types

Puma Customer Service Experience

I’ve worn Puma shoes and shorts for several years. The quality has always been acceptable and I’ve been a happy Puma customer. Unfortunately my recent experience with Puma customer service has changed my opinion forever. I will now shop other brands for shoes and shirts. This customer service experience was unacceptable. #Puma #CustomerService

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Breaking Into a Safe – What’s Inside?

Some safes are easier to break into than others. Within this video, I use a hammer and a nail to break into a safe. This is a safe that I own but I forgot the combination. Enjoy and share! #Safe

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Looking Inside a Broken Sofa

This is what the inside of a broken sofa looks like. It's frightening to see how poorly even some of the more expensive furniture is assembled on the inside. I always purchase furniture at steep discounts but this sofa wasn't even worth the discounted price. #Sofa #Furniture

Looking for Aqua Yeti/Aqua Sasquatch

Most of us are familiar with Sasquatch or Yeti. However, are you familiar with Aqua Yeti? Aqua Yeti has special feet and tends to live in caves close to streams. They chirp and are very covert. They don't make the "whoop" sound like Sasquatch. Within this video, I explore the Appalachian backcountry to try to

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