Thanks for visiting Cycle Scenery and please share this link with others! I’ve been an avid road bike and mountain bike enthusiast for my entire life and wanted to take advantage of today’s readily-available technology to improve the indoor cycling experience. Most expensive indoor exercise bikes that promise maps and/or other motivational tools are most all poorly manufactured. Not only do those exercise bikes cost more but they also tend to break down more quickly. The beauty of the solution is that it is a bring-your-own-bike solution! Whether it’s an inexpensive spin bike or a road or mountain bike mounted to a trainer, it does not matter! The only requirement for Cycle Scenery to function is a television, tablet or other Internet-connected screen in front of the exercise bike.  I use an Apple TV connected to my television for my exercise bike setup but a laptop connected to the television’s HDMI port could accomplish the same. If you run a gym and/or have the need for videos that do not require streaming from the Internet, please feel free to contact me. My contact information can be found on the “Contact” tab of this site.