Unfortunately pickpockets are not the only concern while traveling today. High-tech criminals are now stealing sensitive information via RFID. Credit cards and/or other items that have an RFID chip attached are a target for these criminals. These criminals can potentially steal your personal information wirelessly, without leaving any trace that you have been robbed. This RFID-blocking neck pouch helps to better prevent someone from falling victim to RFID theft. Not only is it neck-wearable and concealable but it better prevents the possibility of cards with RFID chips within from being scanned by an RFID hacker. The back feels comfortable to wear against one’s skin during prolonged use and there are plenty of pockets for passport, credit cards, cash and/or other small valuables. This is obviously a better option in most scenarios than having a wallet in one’s back pocket that can be quickly pickpocket. The low profile of this neck pouch makes it pretty much invisible underneath most articles of clothing.

Available on Amazon.comIGOGEER Neck Wallet Deluxe w/RFID – Neck Pouch Travel Wallet Passport Holder