Utz Pretzel Rods Review

Utz Pretzel Rods are an excellent snack! They are salty and delicious by themselves but are even better when dipped in a dip or topped with a fine mustard! Great job Utz! I LOVE the large resealable container too! #Utz Available on Amazon.com - Utz Old Fashioned Pretzel Rods – 27 oz. Barrel – Thick,

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Utz Pub Mix Review

Utz Pub Mix is incredible! It's a HUGE containers and contains a variety of different pieces and flavors. After opening the container, it was super fresh and crispy. With the screw-on lid, it has remained fresh too! #Utz Available on Amazon.com - Utz Pub Mix - 44 Ounce Barrel - Savory Snack Mix, Blend of

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Acoustimac Acoustic Panel Initial Impressions

All acoustic panels are not created equally. Initially, I was researching acoustic foam, due to the lower price point. However, I quickly determined that acoustic foam did not look professional enough and that I should be able to achieve better result, by using high-quality acoustic panels instead. My YouTube studio has laminate floors and the

Shark Steam Mop

The Shark Steam Mop is affordable and uses water. I have laminate, tile and hardwood floors in my house. This steam mops enables me to clean my floors without expensive and smelly cleaning products. Refilling the Shark Steam Mop's water reservoir is simple and so it taking the cleaning pads on and off. Since this

Yeti Tundra 35

Many people may assume that Yeti coolers are just marketing hype. I used to think that until I got my Yeti 35 Quart Tundra Cooler. The build quality of the Yeti cooler was the first thing that I noticed. It feels like it’s built to last for many years and the rubberized feet on the

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Chef Boyardee Lasagna

Chef Boyardee lasagna is one of my favorite meals to eat while in quarantine. It contains enough meat and pasta to not leave me feeling hungry. #ChefBoyardee Available on Amazon.com - Chef Boyardee Lasagna, 15 oz, 12 Pack

Keen Newport H2 Review

These sandals are great for warm weather hiking or backpacking. The protect the toes and feet well but they also drain well. I was afraid that they may blister my feet but they haven't. If you're looking for a warm-weather hiking shoe that doesn't require socks, I highly recommend the Keen Newport H2. #Keen Available

Smoky Mountains Backcountry Campsite 28 Review

Backcountry campsite 28 in the Smoky Mountains is an amazing campsite! Situated at approximately 3,455 feet, it's a nice hike from the Middle Prong Trail trailhead past Tremont. The hike out is almost completely downhill. We camped here in January and the temperature was five degrees. It snowed all night and the hike out was

OlarHike Backpacking Sleeping Pad Review

The OlarHike sleeping pad is very comfortable! After sleeping on it for an entire night in the backcountry, I woke up feeling refreshed and it did not deflate during the night! The built-in pillow is a nice touch because it doesn't move around or fall off of the sleeping pad while sleeping. I still used

Marmot Never Summer 0 Review

The Marmot Never Summer 0 is an excellent bag for cold weather! It's lightweight and easy to pack but the weight to warmth ratio is great! The included stuff sack does not compress it to be super small but it's definitely not too large for a zero degree sleeping bag. A warm sleeping bag is