Tudor Reverse Panda Initial Thoughts

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono is currently my favorite chronograph! It features a screw-down crown and screw-down pushers, so I can swim with it. It has a black aluminum bezel that should develop a pleasing patina. It's not loud or "blingy!" The matte black dial with use of red is phenomenal! The date window at

Beary Chic Chalet Review

Beary Chic Chalet is the best place to stay in the Smoky Mountains! The views are incredible and it's easy to head to the end of the Gatlinburg strip or directly into Smoky Mountains National Park (completely avoiding the strip). I highly recommend Beary Chic Chalet because we love backcountry camping but also desire a

Allegro Marinade Review

Allegro marinade is amazing! It comes in several varieties and I like Allegro Hickory Smoke the best! I grill my best steaks, when they are marinated in Allegro! #Allegro #Marinade. Available on Amazon.com - Allegro Marinade, Hickory Smk, 12.70-Ounce Glass Bottle (Pack of 6)

Eyewear by David Beckham Review

David Beckham sunglasses are great! They're great quality, stylish and the pair that I purchased are even polarized. This is an honest review of David Beckham sunglasses. Enjoy and share! #DavidBeckham #Sunglasses

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Burger King Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets Review

I tried Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets at Burger King today and I must confess that they were very tasty and actually mildly spicy! I'll definitely eat them again soon! #BurgerKing #GhostPepper

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Peak Designs Anchor Links

Peak Design Anchor Links can be used with most any camera strap and allow that camera strap to be quickly disconnected! Anchor Links are a huge convenience for people that capture both video and photos with their camera. It makes quickly removing the camera strap for video possible! #PeakDesigns #AnchorLinks Available on Amazon.com - Peak

Peugeot 23461 Paris u’Select Pepper Mill Review

Fresh-ground pepper is the freshest pepper! I'm Chef IrixGuy and I always use freshly-ground pepper and sea salt when I cook. Peugeot pepper mills are the best pepper mills! The fineness of the ground pepper can be easily adjusted by rotating the base of the pepper mill! I like course pepper for steaks and more

Natural Light Vodka Review

Natural Light Vodka is pretty good! Natty Light Vodka definitely has a pronounced sweetness, so it makes a good shot without having to add anything else to it. I've also mixed Natural Light Vodka with Club Soda and Ginger Ale. Both taste great! Natural Light is definitely a prestigious brand that was made famous by

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