Luxury Genuine Turkish Cotton Washcloths Initial Impressions

Quality washcloths are hard to find. Most washcloths are made of poor quality material or they come apart quickly. These washcloths were super affordable but are high-quality. I'm very impressed! #washcloth Available on - Luxury Genuine Turkish Cotton Washcloths for Easy Care, Extra Soft & Absorbent, Fingertip Towels, 4 Pack Turkish Washcloth Set by

Stamina DT+ Rower Review AFTER More Than a Month Using

The Stamina DT+ rowing machine is a magnetic resistance rowing machine that makes a minimal amount of noise. The seat slides while rowing but the sound from that is minimal. The built-in fan blows while rowing. While not in use, this rowing machine is small and lightweight enough to store in most corners. I

Quility Weighted Blanket for Adults

A weighted blanket may help people to sleep better. This weighted blanket comes in a variety of different sizes, weights and colors. Available on - Quility Weighted Blanket for Adults - King Size, 86"x92", 25 lbs - Heavy Heating Blankets for Restlessness - Grey, Navy Cover

Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper Review

This door draft stopper was easy to install. All that I had to do was cut the foam to match the length of my door, place the foam inside the fabric piece and then attach to my door using the included adhesive strip. I installed this on the door going into my video production studio.

Utopia Towels Review

Quality bath towels are tough to find and spending more doesn't necessarily mean better quality. I performed an exhaustive amount of research and then purchased Utopia towels. They come in a variety of different colors but I opted for the white bath towels. For me, a towel must be absorbent and hold up well after

My Studio Lighting Explained

My studio's lighting is voice-controlled. I can turn my studio's lighting on and off, using my voice. I can also change the color of the lights, using my voice. I've listed all equipment that I use below. Please note that I've listed the Alexa devices that I use but have also listed a more budget-friendly

How to Charge Electronics While Backpacking

This is how to charge electronics while backpacking! This is a super small and super lightweight solar USB battery bank. Charge it to full at home using USB and then recharge as while needed, using the sun! I use this solar charger to recharge my iPhone, Apple Watch, Sony camera, GoPro, USB flashlights and more!

Sonos Arc Soundbar

The Sonos Arc is quite possibly the best soundbar on the market today! It features Dolby Atmos and is easy to mount or place on furniture below a TV. The sound quality is phenomenal! Even without a Sonos Sub or other Sonos speakers paired with it, the Sonos Arc sounds very powerful! One of my

Sonos Beam Soundbar Mount for TV

This is how I mounted the Sonos Beam to my TV. Mounting the Sonos Beam to the TV instead of the wall or placing on a table underneath provide a MAJOR advantage! If you use an articulating TV mount like I do, the Sonos Beam moves with the TV! That provides a huge listening advantage!

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam comes in white and black colors. I purchased the Sonos Beam because I felt that it was the perfect size for my 40-inch wall-mounted TV. I opted for the white Sonos Beam because it looks cool mounted below my black television. It could also rest on top of a table below a television.

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