Smoky Mountains Backcountry Campsite 28 Review

Backcountry campsite 28 in the Smoky Mountains is an amazing campsite! Situated at approximately 3,455 feet, it's a nice hike from the Middle Prong Trail trailhead past Tremont. The hike out is almost completely downhill. We camped here in January and the temperature was five degrees. It snowed all night and the hike out was

OlarHike Backpacking Sleeping Pad Review

The OlarHike sleeping pad is very comfortable! After sleeping on it for an entire night in the backcountry, I woke up feeling refreshed and it did not deflate during the night! The built-in pillow is a nice touch because it doesn't move around or fall off of the sleeping pad while sleeping. I still used

Marmot Never Summer 0 Review

The Marmot Never Summer 0 is an excellent bag for cold weather! It's lightweight and easy to pack but the weight to warmth ratio is great! The included stuff sack does not compress it to be super small but it's definitely not too large for a zero degree sleeping bag. A warm sleeping bag is

Toshiba Fire TV Edition Review

Fire TVs are great! They have Amazon Fire TV built-in, so there is no need for an HDMI Fire Stick 4K. I decided to purchase one of the smallest Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TVs and it has been a great experience! I love how the user interface and control is almost identical to the

Office Chair Wheel Upgrade for Hardwood Floors

Most office chairs require a mat, if used on hardwood floors. I cannot stand office chair mats. I feel that they look cheap! Changing an office chairs wheels is a great alternative to purchasing an ugly mat! Available on - Toplimit Office Chair Caster Wheels-Set of 5 Heavy Duty 3" Office Chair Replacement Wheels-Smooth&Safe

Marmot Tungsten 1P First Time Pitching

The Marmot Tungsten 1P is an incredible one-person tent! I purchased this tent because it's small and lightweight but has ample headroom. I also own the larger Tungsten 2P and use it when my wife joins me. It's great having the same tent setup process for both! This tent is available in an ultralight version

iPhone XR Slim Synthetic Leather Case

This is the synthetic leather case that I use for my iPhone XR! It's slim and fits perfectly inside of my Mavic mini's controller! It also has a card slot and it's affordable! Since it's a synthetic leather, I wipe it off with water when it gets dirty and don't worry about it! #iPhoneXR

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Polaroid Sunglasses Review

I was hit by an unexpectedly large wave and loss my pair of Costa sunglasses with polarized lenses. Those sunglasses were great but King Neptune stole them. I couldn't justify purchasing another expensive pair of sunglasses but wanted something that was polarized. I have a fat head and after trying on multiple pairs of sunglasses,

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DJI Mavic mini Second Flight

The Mavic mini is a small and lightweight drone that brings a lot of newness to the playing field! It's easy to pack and transport along with other gear. It's USB-rechargeable! It's manufactured with the attention to detail that has made DJI famous!

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