Dry Bag Backpack for DJI Phantom 4

With DJI Mavic and GoPro Karma coming later this month, the DJI Phantom 4 is still this most portable and most capable drone on the market today in my opinion. The styrofoam case that the DJI Phantom 4 comes with is not ruggedized and not waterproof. It is a manageable size and weight though. Utilizing this waterproof backpack for the DJI Phantom 4, portability options are greatly enhanced! This dry bag backpack for the DJI Phantom 4 decreases the likelihood that the DJI Phantom 4 may become wet. For me, it’s a total win! I can transport my DJI Phantom 4 with me in the rain, at the beach and at the lake. The best part is that it adds minimal travel size and travel weight to the DJI Phantom 4’s case!

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