FlyBi Drone Pre-Order & Opinions

The FlyBi Drone brings a lot of fresh excitement to the drone playing field.  I’m excited to get my hands on the FlyBi as soon as possible.  You can help fund and/or pre-order the FlyBi here.  What impresses me the most is the attention to drone safety.  I like that the FlyBi has obstacle avoidance and prop guards.  The fact that it can land itself on a backpack, change the battery and return to the air seems awesome!  The wrist-wearable FlyBi controller is nice!  That will be a first for drones and I hope that the controls are intuitive, given that it’s such a small size!  Although I’m not a huge fan of FPV goggles, the FlyBi goggles with head tracking could be fun for a friend to experience, while an operator flies the FlyBi.

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