GoPro Karma Recall Bricks Controller

GoPro Karma was impressive but the excitement was unfortunately short-lived! A few days after shipping Karma, GoPro issued a recall. Unfortunately, the GoPro Karma recall impacted all Karmas on the market today. Apparently a defect may be present that may cause the Karma to fall to the ground. I flew my GoPro Karma a few times without encountering issues. It was an enjoyable experience and I felt that both the Karma and software interface were very well-designed. I’m unsure how something such as this defect could have slipped through GoPro’s quality and testing department. Hopefully GoPro will resolve this issue and also the inability to eliminate video fish-eye in 4K mode. It was an impressive drone otherwise! Oh and the most recent GoPro Karma firmware update disables the controller, so don’t expect to even be able to run the Karma flight simulator indoors!

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