Epic Drone Show – Episode 39

Welcome to another episode of Epic Drone Show!  All previously-recorded episodes can be watched and shared here.  Please be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel, to watch and comment LIVE!

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Is the DJI Phantom Being Discontinued?

The DJI Phantom has been and has remained the best drone platform on the market. With DJI's recent push to pursue lighter and smaller drones, what does that mean for the DJI Phantom platform going forward? Will the DJI Phantom be discontinued? These are my thoughts regarding the future of the DJI Phantom. Enjoy and

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Welcome to 400orBelow.com

Welcome to 400orBelow.com.  I have created 400orBelow.com to function as a one-stop-shop for everything drone!  I will feature links to make it easy to buy and sell drones, as well as provide extensive drone how-to information.  In addition to that, the site is heavily-optimized for social media, so I'll be ushering in an abundance of

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