When GoPro was first released, it was revolutionary! It enabled a waterproof camera to be attached to almost anything, to capture unique filming perspectives. Nick Woodman created GoPro out of personal need and continued to improve GoPro cameras. Every new GoPro camera that he brought to market was loaded with exciting and new features. I was a late adopter of GoPro and GoPro HERO2 Black was the first GoPro camera that I ever owned. After becoming heavily involved with posting videos to YouTube, my GoPro cameras were one of my primary tools for capturing high-quality action videos. I traveled throughout the world with my GoPro cameras and captured thousands of videos. After GoPro went public, things unfortunately changed. The GoPro brand lost its soul, direction and I began experiencing my first problems with GoPro cameras. Not ONE but TWO of my GoPro HERO9 Black cameras failed! It was not the product of camera abuse….they simply failed. GoPro replaced the first failed GoPro HERO9 Black but at the time of posting this video, GoPro still has not replaced, repaired or even communicated status of my second failed GoPro HERO9 Black to me. I know that they received the camera because I shipped it to GoPro’s headquarters with signature confirmation. Due to technical issues with GoPro HERO9 Black and lack of support from GoPro customer service, I have discontinued using GoPro cameras for life. It’s unfortunate because GoPro cameras prior to GoPro going public were awesome and GoPro’s customer service back then met or exceeded the quality of their cameras! #GoPro #GPRO